Content writing is dead. Long live content collaboration.


Does generative AI mean we’ll all stop writing? To a certain extent, yes, it does.

Don’t get me wrong – if you love that blank canvas and letting words flow, like I do, by all means, go for it. But, do you want your content to be better informed, more useful, more inspiring – then collaborate with AI to make it better.

Here are five ways to collaborate with AI for better content:

1) Start from scratch but be informed

Start with relevance – is the content you’re going to create something people want to read about? Not to say, we can’t just write things because we feel passionate about a topic. But if you have an important message to share, ideally, you want to reach more people. So, start by asking AI what people want to know about and then give it a unique spin.

2) Let AI develop your ideas

Have a few original ideas but are time-poor? Don’t worry, you can now ask AI to develop your ideas. Is it plagiarism? No. It’s your ideas, developed further with the brilliance of AI. Innovative prompts result in innovative content. If your ideas are fresh and you can articulate them well, AI can bring concepts to life faster than ever before.

3) Brainstorm with AI

Writer’s block? No more! AI aids not just in developing our thoughts but also in igniting new ones, and can transform a tiny spark into a dazzling light show. Just start a discussion and see where it takes you. The truth comes out in dialogue, as Plato said. Well, now your best ideation partner is just on the other side of the screen.

4) Add your insights to AI-generated content

If you have the world’s knowledge at your fingertips, it’s hard not to take advantage and create great content off the back of it. AI tools are fantastic for converting global knowledge into cohesive and engaging content. The output can be informative, entertaining, and yes, original too. But do you want to make your content unique and engaging? Add your flair and perspective to the ready-generated content. Whether that’s by adding your perspective or prompting and refining until AI breathes life into the otherwise generic content.

5) Let AI improve your content

As writers, we have good days and bad days. Sometimes, words just start flowing, in the perfect order, to form a masterpiece. Other times, we need a little bit of help. And that help is now readily available – ChatGPT or any other specialised AI writing tool can edit and refine your copy in mere seconds. Let it help you, so you can publish quicker and make a start on your next piece.

Got inspired? Get collaborating with AI and create some amazing stuff.