Generative AI – Narnia, the Wild West, or a new Renaissance?


It’s hard to decide what generative AI reminds me of the most – is it like discovering Narnia, being a cowboy in the Wild West, or stepping into a new Renaissance? I think it’s a bit of all three.

Discovering Narnia

Exploring the wide range of AI tools available today is like stepping into Narnia – a world that’s way more exciting and magical than anything we’ve seen before, especially in marketing. Have an idea for a story? Whether you want it in text, video, or image format, or perhaps a mix of all three, you can make it a reality in seconds. This opens up incredible possibilities for brands and individuals alike to stand out in ways they never could before. It’s all about capturing your brand’s essence and turning it into a dazzling spectacle.

A new Renaissance

Or does Generative AI mark the beginning of a new Renaissance? I’m excited to see what today’s equivalents of Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael will come up with. And the best part? AI doesn’t care what field you’re in. You could be a marketer, a lawyer, an accountant or an astronaut – now anyone can also be a painter, writer, director, or an author.

The Wild West

Generative AI is also very much like being in the Wild West. Anyone can build a chatbot or an app to make life easier. For those with an entrepreneurial streak, this is like a gold rush, a chance to make the most of this new knowledge before things change – new laws, new competition, who knows? That means you have to jump in fast. This leads to a boom in new apps, which can be a lot to take in if you’re new to this whole Generative AI scene. Do you focus on learning how to prompt, figure out which apps to use, or whether they work well together?

Going on an adventure

It’s all about trying things out and being really curious. Put in the effort to learn and you’ll find your own version of Narnia. You just need to open that closet door.

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