What is generative AI and how is it used in marketing?
Generative AI leverages data to create content upon request. When prompted, it processes the available data to fulfil tasks ranging from answering questions to generating text, images, videos, or even complex documents with integrated visuals. It taps into our collective global knowledge base to generate and modify content, and offer advice on various subjects. In marketing, it serves as a crucial tool for automating repetitive tasks, ideating, conceptualising, and efficiently producing content at scale.


Can generative AI create original content for marketing campaigns?
The effectiveness of generative AI in content creation hinges on the quality and originality of your prompts and ideas. A well-articulated, original prompt typically yields equally original content. Optimal results are achieved through collaboration with AI, where it serves as a tool to refine ideas, interpret them creatively, and further develop them.


How can generative AI be used in social media marketing?
Generative AI enhances social media marketing by efficiently producing and distributing content at scale. It enables the transformation of ideas into a variety of post formats, enabling straightforward sharing. With video generation tools, content can be created and repurposed quickly, while text and image generators craft and visualise stories in mere seconds.


Do we still have to spend time talking to experts when we’re creating thought leadership content?
While generative AI can produce informative content from extensive data, the unique perspectives of experts remain crucial for originality. AI speeds up content creation, but the distinctive viewpoints that set brands apart still require human input.